Thursday, January 14, 2010

... day 14


yay!it's been two weeks already into p365 and im still sticking with it and still loving it :)it's quite addictive too i must confess but im really trying to find the balance and so far i think im doing okey :) the past few days i started thinking about upgrading to a new camera and lens but probably i would need to sell an organ or two to get the money to buy what i would love to have - canon 5d mark II and a new lens to go with it too : Canon EF 50mm f/1.2 L ...who knows , maybe i will :) for now i think i will sell my olympus 510 first :)

today we did some coloring in the morning and then later i did some finishing touches on my new kit - i know i know im running really late but i blame p365!!!
here is a peek of what's coming to the store tomorrow :

i was looking at the photos i took yesterday and found this one and instantly fell in love - my sweet little boy resting his head on our coffee table (his playground for cars;) ...but look at those eyelashes! he has got insanely long and curly eyelashes for a boy!!!!!! so so envious ..... :)

and this one is cute too :) he is so good at pulling different faces don't you think ? :)

have a beautiful rest of the day :)


  1. Cudne rzęsy!!! Mój młodszy synek też ma takie długaśne, w połączeniu z czarnymi wręcz oczkami i blond włoskami wygląda obłędnie :)
    Kit zapowiada się świetnie :) Piękne kolorki :)
    Co do śmiałości do dziewczynek, Maciuś wcześniej był baaaardzo śmiały, każdą przytulał, całował, mówił, że "strasnie kocha" ;) Ostatnio taki wstydzioch się z niego zrobił, i Alicję, którą wcześniej tak "strasnie kochał" teraz się wstydzi.