Monday, January 4, 2010 4


so here is my boy again with the laptop :) i swear to you , he doesn't spend time glued to it, we only allow him like 30 mins per day to play his baby tv games and stuff but i can tell you already he has a knack for it and maybe one day he will be the next bill gates hihihi :)
im telling you he is so fast learning how to do things on it - he is fluent with skype - when we call grandparents he will send them emoticons (he calls them boom boom ), he can take photos, turn the volume up/down, change avatar and probably more things too - he just love clicking on buttons and other pop up things its mad!!! the other day we spotted him opening google and ebay (no idea how he did that!!!!! ) because he remembered that we searched on those pages the images of his favourite toys - disney cars and thomas and friends :) my hubby was laughing that we better have our ebay account signed out in case he starts buying stuff :)

have a great evening :)


  1. Awesome photos, Kasia!!
    I know what you mean about kids and computers. I wish I could learn as fast as they do :)

  2. Oh what a cutie!! I love this processing btw, so dreamy! My daughter loves the computer too. Shes actually on my laptop right now writing stories LOL!